Drosera arachnoides Rakotoar. & A.Fleischm.

Species Information

Synonyms: None
Publication: Fleischmann, A. S., Rakotoarivelo, N. H., Roccia, A., Gonella, P. M., Andriamiarisoa, L. R., Razanatsima, A., & Rakotoarivony, F. (2020). A new and endemic species of Drosera (Droseraceae) from Madagascar. Plant Ecology and Evolution, 153(2), 283-291.
Habitat: Slopes 630-1330m in elevation. A specimen collected in 1941 at Itaolana is recorded as being collected at 1500m, though a recent search at this location revealed no Drosera at the summit. Rather, the plants were restricted to a steep slope at 1330m. Generally, the plants are found in open areas within tropical forests in moist granite or clay-based soil.
Phenology: Recorded in flower at the type location during the months of September and October in the cooler dry season. Seeds germinate with the arrival of the rainy season in December.
Distribution by Country: